Uncommon Journey

Uncommon Journey

Spring inspires hope.  “They” say. 
I love spring.  Love summer, too. 
            Warmth and sunshine.
                          Chases cold away. 
                                    Life blossoms again. 
                                              Bundling is shed. 
                                                        Spring smells fresh. 
                                                                  Hope blossoms 

Spring means moving.  Growing.  Going forward.  Beginning again. 
               Pack the boxes. 
                              Mop the floors. 
                                            Scour the bathrooms. 
                                                            Sanitize the kitchen. 
                                                                          We’re moving. 

Don’t leave dirt. 
Leave nothing behind. 
Our mark will fade. 
Friends will scatter. 
Fade away. 
Leave nothing behind.

Travel light. 
               Travel often.  
                              Toss it out. 
                                             Sell it off. 
                                                            Pack it tight. 
                                            Load the truck.   
                Down the road. 
                               Buy back. 
                                              Hoard again. 
Do it again.

                               …And again.
                                             …And again.
                                                             …And again.

My life story.

                                                             Spring approaches. 
                                             Another move?
                                 Yes, possibly.

Our last?
I hope.
It’s spring.
We have boxes. 
               We keep boxes. 
                              Saves time packing.  
                                             Reduces time hunting.  For boxes.  
              Packing goes faster.  When not hunting. 
We have boxes.


Longing for home. 
               Where is home? 
                              This is lonely.
                                             Too lonely.
Where’s my home?
               I don’t know. 
                              I keep looking. 
                                            Keep packing.

Moving again?
Yup.  It’s springtime.

Lech lecha. 
Don’t stay. It’s spring.

Meet people. 
               Be kind. 
                              Make friends. 
                                              Cross paths. 
                                            Visit awhile. 
                            Stand firm. 

Don’t stay.  Leave nothing behind. 

My life story.

It’s springtime.

8 thoughts on “Uncommon Journey

  1. Cecelia, I saw one of your comments on Jim Stahr’s facebook page. I was a member of the VHS class of ’70 until the second semester of our junior year, at which point I withdrew from school, pregnant and married (in that order). Stupid adolescent choices… Anyway, being the nosey person I am, I followed your post back to your facebook page and wound up at your blog. I really like “Uncommon Journey” as well as your Mothers’ Day tribute and your blog about the “Homeless in DC”. I haven’t delved into the archives, yet, but I will return. You are an excellent writer and I’ve already bookmarked your blog for future reference.

    1. Margaret, Thank you so much for your comments. I’m afraid that many of us made unwise, stupid choices in our youth. One of the prayers I pray goes “May I live long enough to rectify the things I have messed up!” It’s in a prayer that I pray before praying the Psalms. Fortunately for most, we do grow up, mature, learn our lessons and hopefully make decent lives for ourselves…and better choices. I’m happy to hear from you, and that you like the blog. Stay in touch. I hope to hear more from you in the future.

  2. Thanks. Glad you like it. My blogging has slowed down a bit since I’ve started grad school, but I try to get back to it as much as possible. Check back now and then to see what’s going on. Again, thanks for pausing to comment.

  3. Interesting site, keep up the good work, my colleagues would love this. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis, and for the most part the authors lack substance, but not in this case. I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog, I’m gonna bookmark this ceceliafutch.wordpress.com web site. Thanks

  4. A perfect poem for a perfect site, Cecelia you did a great job. Good luck in grad school too. Jackie 🙂

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