Very humbling, indeed . . .

I wish to thank mellifluousmurmurs and shoma abhyankankar at Astonishing India for passing the Versatile Blogger award my way. It is always nice to get a nod from fellow bloggers, and these two are phenomenal in thier own ways. I do hope that you will take a minute and check out their sites, and even subscribe if you find you like what they have to say. The wonderful thing about this world of blogging is the friends we make from around the world, and if we are willing and open, the things we learn about people and cultures. Thank you both for honoring me with this recognition.

Another award was passed my way via Island Traveler at This Man’s Journey. The hug award is passed on to those who offer hope through their blogs. I apologize for taking so long to acknowledge this award, but I am truly grateful for this type of recognition. It is always my hope to inspire and encourage those who read my blogs, so this affirmation that I in some way do that very thing.

I’ve started making it a habit to post the award badges on the footer of my home page. Thank you to all for reading my blogs. I know I’ve slowed down quite a bit, but with reason. I send you all blessings for a geat day and life.

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