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Weekly Sunday Post: Love

Jakesprinter has started a new challenge called “Sunday Post.” Every Sunday Jake will post a theme, and those of us who participate will publish a photo that expresses that theme sometime during the week. I have opted to take part as I am able (so no, I will not have a Sunday Post every week.) Since the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week has yet to be published, I will join in Jake’s theme this time. The theme is “love,” very fitting as we approach Valentine’s Day (at least here in the US.) So here goes! (Click on the badge beneath the photo to be whisked away to Jake’s blog where you will find more details about this challenge.)

Mom & Dad: Together for over sixty years and still going strong!



Who is Jakesprinter?

Jake is an award winning blogger, graphic artist and photographer. Many of us use his artwork on our blogs (see sidebar badge, “I’m part of post-a-week 2012”). The Jakesprinters badge above, was designed in honor of the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Click on the badge to be whisked away to Jake’s blog, Time After Time. Jake is from Manila, and is a regular visitor to MANY blogs. He is generous and kind with his comments, and I wanted to acknowledge his talents which from time to time grace my blog. So, thank you Jake for sharing so freely of your time and talents. I appreciate the badges that you allow me to use for this site. Kudos to you!