THE Flu: Influenza

We’ve been hit.  I’ve been in bed for the last four days with “THE flu influenza” to quote my doctor.  I’m behind in my coursework which is not so good seeing as we are now down to the last two weeks of the quarter, everything is coming due, and finals are looming.  To top it off, Richard is now coughing, too, and with fever!  The rain outside is coming down in torrents.  We are snuggled in our apartment curled up in bed with books, meds, flu-symptom-relieving-potions, and feeling rather miserable.  Well mostly.  Richard is a fantastic nurturer, and for four days I’ve benefitted from his ministrations.  I’m still not out of the woods, but it now appears that the time has come for us to begin switching roles. Oy vey. . . Well, we will survive, and I will complete all my course work and get it submitted, and spring will come and the cherry blossoms will be in bloom shortly.  But for now, this will have to suffice for this week’s blog.  If I get a chance later I will try to say more, but first priority is health and Richard, followed by course work.  Stay warm.  Stay well.  See you next time.