Time for a Break . . .

Yes, I am to that time once again when I will have to step away from the blogging. You may have noticed that I don’t get around to your blogs like I used to. Soon I will start my practicum and fieldwork and time will be at a premium. I love blogging. I miss visiting your blogs. But priorities prevail and for the next year I will be tied up doing what I’ve prepared to do for years now. Last week marked by third anniversary of blogging. I began this venture as an effort to maintain my sanity while looking for work. Through writing and photography, hobbies that I let slip away years ago, I was able to redefine the trajectory of my life. And I am still walking down that road and loving it. This blog has evolved from writing about anything that popped into my mind to showcasing my photography when academia began to sap my writing energy. I don’t want to let “Inspired Vision” slip away into oblivion, so I will leave a word, a photo, or whatever, as time allows. Once I complete my studies I hope to come back to this page, or possibly create a new, improved site that reflects where I am at that time. At any rate, enjoy your days and count your blessings. I’ll see you when I can.

WordPress Please Help Me!!!!

Well, after all the changes I’ve made with this blog in an effort to make your reading more pleasurable and less stressful, new problems have arisen. I have written a detailed message to the support team and am waiting to hear back. This is frustrating to say the least. I have been blogging since November, 2009 and this is the first ongoing problem I have experienced. Hopefully WP will be able to help me clear up the issues and I will be back to tip-top running condition soon.

Having said that, there are several things going on in my life that are exciting and good, but will also create a time crunch. After some thought, I think that now is a good time to take a hiatus from “Inspired Vision.” My classes opened today, and I am enrolled in two demanding courses, one of which is absolutely mind-boggling as I look through the expectations outlined in the syllabus. The other “thing” going on in our lives is that we expect to close on a house–a bungalow–this coming week. We purposely chose a small house, but it is sweet. 🙂 This means that in addition to course work, we will be moving again, albeit only 10 minutes up the road.

Another “having said that,” I may post an occasional blog, time permitting, because I enjoy blogging so much. The school quarter ends June 15, so that is probably about how long I’m going to be barely present or gone. Instead of blogging here, I hope to post one or two blogs a week at the Perpetual Gratitude: A Photographic Diary blog. There I simply post a photo and a short blurb about something for which I am grateful. But even that is secondary to coursework. I’ll just have to see how it goes.  In the meantime, hopefully WP will be able to help me iron out my blogging issues!

Tonight is the first night of Passover, a time when we celebrate our freedom. This happens to also be Easter weekend for many of you. So to one and all, have a safe, meaningful and joyous holiday.

Five Question Friday takes a Hiatus From This Blog: January 20, 2012


I’m finally doing it. After spending another night burning the midnight oil to meet another deadline I have decided that some things are going to have to be laid aside for a while. I could not bring myself to write a post on the five questions that were posed for today’s blog. I am beginning to streamline my activities so that I can expend my energies on  coursework and other pressing demands. So for the immediate future, I will not be posting Five Question Friday. If you are interested in picking up this feature for your blog, just click on the badge above and you will be whisked away through the blogosphere to the “mother site” to retrieve the questions, directions, and badge to add to your site. Good luck and enjoy!

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