Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

I was not going to participate in the challenge this week. There has been quite a lot happening around here and I decided to give myself a break. But today I felt compelled to share some of my favorite faces with you, not to win accolades for amazing photography (I only shot two of the following photos), but rather to share faces that are very important to me. We had a scare last night with a family member that reminds me of the fragility of life. I would have liked to create a slide show of the following faces, but I don’t know how and for the moment I don’t have the time to learn~maybe in the future. So for today, these are the faces that mean so much to me, that inspire me, that comfort and urge me in all that I do. Enjoy.

Mom and Dad's Courting Days

Dad, Momma Futch and Daddy Futch

Twin brother, Steve, and wife, Carolyn

Mom with us twins. đŸ™‚
Brother, David, and wife, Sandy

Brother, Gary, deceased
Gary's wife, Betty Jean, and new husband and good man, Rudy

Son, Tim, his wife, Maria, and daughter, Genevieve

Daughters, Mica and Mary
Grandson, Jacob
Granddaughter, Genevieve
Husband, Richard
Mom and Dad, doing what they love to do!

Mica’s John and Mary’s Eric are missing simply because I couldn’t find photos of them, but they are among my favorite faces, too.

So, life is as fragile as it is rich and full and exuberant. Please excuse my self-indulgence, but these and many more are people ~ faces ~ that mean the world to me. Have a good day, look into people’s faces, and be thankful for those who touch your life.