It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

IMGP2212For the first time in what seemed like weeks, I awoke to sun rays streaming through my bedroom window. It was Sunday, and although Sundays are work days for me, the sun’s brightness and warmth lifted my spirits. But soon enough I was busily preparing for my day. A while later, as I walked out our front door, I noted that the lawn needed mowing, that the weeds were taking over the entire yard, and that soon the dandelions would fill the air with their feathery seeds. I was not happy with how “tacky” our home appeared. Yet, I was also delighted by the sight of sunshine brilliantly illuminating a sea of fuzzy dandelions heads. I couldn’t resist shooting a few photos of the sight before rushing into my day.

As a Community In-Home Mental Health Therapist (counselor), I meet with my clients in their homes or other safe places in the community. An advantage of providing community mental health services is that I get to observe people in their own environment, usually when clients are less guarded and more open to counseling.

Sunday, As I sat with my client in the home from which she was about to be evicted, her four-year-old daughter ran into IMGP2245the living room to present her mother with a fistful of hand-picked dandelions. The child’s mother grinned from ear-t0-ear despite her tears and worries, and accepted the dandelion bouquet as if they were the most beautiful flowers on earth. . . and to that mother, they were. It was a small moment, and seemingly insignificant in light of the heavy burden the young mother bore as she tried to figure out how she was going to provide for her children. But such moments are the gems that imbue life with meaning and purpose, and simply help us keep things in perspective.

When I returned to my home later in the day, the yard with its crop of dandelions looked different to me. I remembered my first bouquets of flowers from my children, too; lovely, yellow-like-the-sun dandelions. Those bouquets are the most magnificent I ever received in my life. There is a lesson in this, I am sure. Maybe when we are experiencing “dandelion weeds” in life, it is just a matter of perspective. After all, dandelion “bouquets” are the most lovely of all.


Dreamy Landscapes on a Dreary Day

As you know, if you read my earlier post, I’m a bit hampered when it comes to writing/blogging these days. Since “upgrading” from a plaster cast to a more functional brace however, I am able to navigate with more ease and typing is at least possible. (I’ve discovered the “overdo it” point, too.) As before stated (last post), I shot some pretty neat photos (blindfolded, with one hand tied behind my back, haha, or so it felt!) and decided to share them with you. I shot this album entirely along I-80 between Chicago, IL, and Cleveland, OH, on a cold, overcast day as we were returning home to get my disabled arm tended to. Enjoy.

















These shopped photos are quite a departure from what I usually produce. There is a lesson here! Sometimes an occurrence/event/experience/whatever can actually be the door that opens us to seeing, hearing, doing something delightful and life-enhancing we never would have considered before. Hope you enjoy the photos. 🙂

unexpected hiatus! just when i return to blogging!!!!

Oy vey. . .  am typing this “hunt & peck” method with one hand….sigh. In a bizarre accident, i ended up in ER in chicago area 10 mins after arriving at my daughter’s place. i was drugged, arm was casted past elbow, and trip was cut short. back home. mri scheduled, and specialist. I’m somewhat out of commission for a while. following is photo i shot while heading back to ohio…one hand, auto focus, 70+ mph! take care all. i’ll be back when i can.



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Late Night Musings

Hello! Y’all have been on my mind a lot lately. I am swamped in studies, writing, deadlines, clients, etc. (and loving every minute of it) but I’m getting anxious to get back to a routine that allows me the freedom to blog and “chat” with folks around the world. Despite the heavy demands of studies and work, I do manage to get out at least once a week to soak in nature–breathe the fresh air, walk through the forest, linger beside a lily pond, listen to the birds chirping–and be rejuvenated. Since it has been a while since I’ve shared photos, I decided to post a few for your enjoyment. These were taken this summer in Kentucky and Ohio. Enjoy. 🙂

My Daily Entertainment!

All work (or studies) and no play makes for a very boring life! On the other hand, a walk in nature, listening to the sound of a babbling brook, or birdwatching are the types of activities that nourish the soul and rejuvenate the spirit. Fortunately I don’t have to go far for any of these pursuits. As to the last, it has been a joy to be able to look up from my desk (the dining room table) and peer out the window into our back yard to watch the birds and their fledglings flit about all day. I have paused from time to time to take a few shots of the back-yard flurries, and decided to share some of the photos with you. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

One that got away....and has taken up residence in our back yard, much to our delight!
One that got away….and has taken up residence in our back yard, much to our delight!
Taking a rest on the powerlines to our house.
Taking a rest on the powerlines to our house.


Ooops....this is no bird! But I had to go out and have a talk with her when she began nibbling on my Asters!
Ooops….this is no bird! But I had to go out and have a talk with her when she began nibbling on my Asters!
Nothing like a dip in the birdbath!
Nothing like a dip in the birdbath!
Birdbaths sometimes work as reflecting pools, too. :-)
Birdbaths sometimes work as reflecting pools, too. 🙂



There's gotta be a way....
There’s gotta be a way….




I said I'm HUNGRY!
I said I’m HUNGRY!
Maybe if I look the other way, she won't know I saw her.
Maybe if I look the other way, she won’t know I saw her.
Finally the food is here.
Finally the food is here.





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