71a&b/365 Photo Challenge 2015

IMGP7162 IMGP7164

This challenge is intended to force the photographer to experiment, explore different viewpoints, learn her or his camera, etc. Today I did all of those things. The photos are of a candelabra and the view point is from directly above looking down. Once I got a few shots that I liked, I played with them in post processing. They were both shot in black and white, but I added sepia to one photo along with blurred edges, increased contrast, etc. I left the other photo as black and white, but I cropped it differently. I also increased the contrast on that one.

I am ambivalent about these photos, but I had fun experimenting for sure!

2 thoughts on “71a&b/365 Photo Challenge 2015

  1. They have a definite mood to them, with the contrast between the wood grain and the shine of the metal and lights (especially the black and white one). With the eight spokes, they remind me of the Buddhist dharma wheel, but each could easily tell a story all its own.

    Where is this particular challenge from?

    1. Hi Charity. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. I really like your interpretation of these photos. The challenge was from a friend on Facebook, and then a blogging friend (Guzman) asked if I would post the daily photos on this blog. There are similar challenges that have a theme a week (or day) but I chose to leave it open to whatever I want to do. With my work (Counselor with underserved population in a big city) it is too difficult to follow someone else’s theme suggestions. If I had the time and energy, sticking to a theme would be great but for now this works best.


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