Question about Weekly Photo Challenge????

Hmmm…. WordPress has changed a lot during my sabbatical year and I am having trouble finding my way around. I have posted two photos for the photo challenge in the past three weeks (or so) thanks to seeing the posts of others who participate in the challenge. My frustration however, is that I cannot find my way to the Weekly Photo Challenge site to actively participate as I did a couple of years ago. In fact, I have been unable to find any link that will take me to the WordPress site with all of its challenges and wonderful information. Everything I try brings me back to my page, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I would like to get to the “parent” site. Can anyone help?  Thanks.

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11 thoughts on “Question about Weekly Photo Challenge????

  1. I’ve had the same frustration.

    The events (Weekly Writing Challenge, Weekly Photo Challenge, etc) are still posted on the Daily Post blog:

    Even though I get their posts e-mailed to me, I can’t tell which are Weekly Photo Challenge posts from the title, so I tend to miss them. (I used to rely on an e-mail filter, but with the change in how they title the posts, that no longer works.) As a result, I rarely participate in the challenge anymore.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Charity. I feel sorta lost with all the changes that have occurred. WP has indeed become a bit more difficult to navigate. Too bad. 😦 I appreciate your input.

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