When you hit the wall . . . go take pictures!

As many of you know, this has been a grueling quarter at school. I am coming to the end of week 6 which means that I have four more weeks to go. This quarter however, has taken a huge toll. I am tired, worn out, frazzled, and at the end of my rope. I know others have done it, others have gotten advanced degrees and survived to tell about it. This quarter has pushed me to the limit, though. For the first time since starting my studies back in the summer of 2010, I actually considered quitting. But I’m not a quitter, and I do know that this will come to an end. I also know that if I don’t complete this program I will regret it and always wonder what could have been. But for now, I have “hit the wall.” I consciously chose to skip some courseroom discussions and hand an assignment in late. I am in a mental health counseling program, and what kind of counselor would I be if I did not do what I needed to do to take care of my mental health? As I stared at the computer this morning (with a blank screen and blank thoughts and deadlines looming), I decided to give myself a break. But what to do instead? Well, in my case, when faced with uncertainty I just grab a camera and head outside. And that is what I did. I never left the yard but was able to relax a little and take a few shots. Here are a few. Enjoy.

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Now I have to get back to my studies . . . or not?

28 thoughts on “When you hit the wall . . . go take pictures!

  1. When I took biblical exegesis , (which is pretty much a verse by verse of entire thing) over 125 people enrolled. Required for MA. Some took it merely as part of 6 hours per five years teacher re-certification. At that initial meeting the course syllabus was given and we were to read first 3 books of Bible with 100 pages of commentary from the text for first class. The text , Jerome Biblical Commentary , cost $125 which was a week’s net pay at the time. 40 people came to first class, then to 18 and so on. 5 of us finished. Got my B. That was 32 years ago. I did it and taught full time high school history. So see, this too will pass.

    If you are this exhausted take a semester off but do the reading for the next course at a leisurely pace. Since 80% of any class is reading, you will be rested and half done with the reading when you take the class, far ahead of your classmates. You will also impress instructor with asking “smart” questions.

    In 07-09 I worked for a residential rehab which also was setting up an accredited instructional institute for training addiction professionals and re-certification for licenses. I wrote the 12 course curriculum for holistic protocols, all chapter tests and finals and course syllibi and student guides. I relearned how to type and use the net for research. It is out of field for me so this research was only a draft for the PhD’s to refine and put into print. I had to learn many uncharted subjects but making curriculum is teacher stuff and all pretty much the same. Since I did all the background work they granted MA as Certified Holistic Addiction Professional. Of course there is 2,000 hour internship and other state licensing exams but at my age I will not do that or go into practice. My point is that for the academically inclined education never stops. Matter of fact it is no longer a chore. I thirst for it. I made a few bucks too.

    For anyone in psych I recommend A Fried to Yourself blog. Dr. SJQ is insightful and her layman’s friendly short posts are a joy and a blessing and so helpful to all of us that follow her. For me it’s recovery alcoholism and chronic major depression. I find something of strength every post. Tell her Carl sentcha !

    1. I’ve taken biblical exegesis, albeit over 20 years ago, and yes, I can imagine the class whittling down throughout the semester. You have done quite a lot yourself! Very impressive. Next quarter will be easier. After this quarter I think anything would be easier! For the summer I’ am only taking one full 10-week course plus a one-week colloquia with about 3 weeks of work prior to it. That will seem like a breeze after this! I may take you up on your idea for the fall quarter, though. Reading ahead will help. By this time next year I will be doing field work and that will be good (I hope!). Thanks for stopping by, Carl. I know I’ve been negligent of my friends but when this quarter is over, I’ll come checking your blog out again. πŸ™‚ Just a few more weeks.

      I’m going to check out the blog you recommended. Sounds very interesting and up my alley!

  2. Photographing nature in all it’s glory is a great way to relax – and your photos are always so good, Cecelia!
    Hang in there – everything comes to an end; you can do it!

    1. Thank you Barb. This has been a tough one, for sure. But I’m past the half-way point and in four more weeks I will get a much needed break. Thanks for stopping by and for your words of encouragement.

  3. Cecelia, the peonies in your yard are gorgeous, and I like your new squirrel friend. But that little sparrow guy is a sweetie.

    1. Barbara, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I’m making new ‘friends’ and enjoying it quite a lot. The peonies were a surprise for me, but a nice one I must say! Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

  4. These are gorgeous photos!!! I’m glad that you did that …and that you have the possibility to do it when feeling that way. Way to go… I’m sure you felt better afterwards πŸ™‚

    1. It was nice to take a little time to do something creative and outside and relaxing etc. This quarter is killing me, but I’m past the half-way point, and I knew going in that it would be rough. The research course has a reputation! But after this, the rest of my program will still be challenging but a lot more sane! Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca. I appreciate it.

  5. too much work…makes Jack a dull boy! BUT negative thinking gets you nowhere..if you give up now you will spend your life regretting it..if you carry on and fail at least you did your best… You are made of strong stuff Cecelia my friend…go for it! but remember to relax sometimes and forget about work….it may change your life if you succeed but it will not kill you if you don’t …. Of course the best idea is to pray about it….whatever religion..God hears it all. lots of love buddy! xxxxx

          1. Had a good chatter with Him last night and told Him all about it. He said not to worry you will be ok…and I agree

  6. It is a very good thing to take a break, whenever we feel overwhelmed by what we’re doing… and everyone finds his own way of taking a break and relaxing. Photography is a great pleasure too… and you got some nice images. I hope you’ll find the pace that works for you and for the course of your studies too.

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