Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Passover is the story of a people’s journey from slavery to freedom. We began our observance of Passover this year on Friday evening, and will continue till sundown on Saturday evening. You can read more about this at Perpetual Gratitude: A Photographic Diary.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. I’ve always wondered why no company (that I know of) that makes GPS devices ever latched onto the Moses and The Exodus angle.

    I just realized that “Hag Sameach” when read phonetically from an English speaker’s perspective looks a lot like what Borat says to welcome people in “Kazakhstani”… perhaps a hint to Sash Cohen’s true ethnicity.

  2. I finally made time to go through that long list of related articles. The pictures and articles are all wonderful. I know you enjoyed a Happy Passover. Thanks for this beautiful post!

  3. Such an inspiration on faith . I recently celebrated to the Lent season. It’s a perfect time to heal ourselves, to find answers, to be silent and listen to God’s words in our hearts. Beautiful entry.

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