Nuttin But Fountains, Statues and Architecture!

I had a very productive and fun day earlier this week on my jaunt to the Botanical Garden! Today I post photos of nuttin’ but a fountain, statues, architecture, etc. I hope you enjoy this slide show as much as you have enjoyed the nature shows. πŸ™‚ It is all beautiful to me.

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22 thoughts on “Nuttin But Fountains, Statues and Architecture!

  1. Cecelia…. beautiful shots! Every one was beautifully composed and framed, with the salient figure of interest in the highlight….. some of the pictures of the stone fence pillars are very Zen in feeling, and the one photo of the statue of the seated archer on the lawn, the statue on the left of the picture, with the gorgeous green lawn and trees bursting with bloom on the other side, almost a frame for the statue, was a fantastic contrast, lending interest to the statue as complemented by the natural beauty of the entire scene…. great work!…

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I don’t usually shoot stone and marble and such, but the beauty of these structures was just too much to ignore. I’m glad that you enjoyed viewing them. And thank you for stopping by! (Hope you got your WP issues ironed out.) Have a wonderful day. πŸ™‚

  2. These are all gorgeous shots, Cecelia! What a grand place that seems to be. Sometimes it feels great to shoot something different to what you usually do, and when it’s fun, usually the pictures turn out well too.

    Shabbat shalom

  3. Cecelia, your photo of the Cleveland Museum of Art prompted me to register on the museum’s site and search for art done by my great uncle R. Guy Cowan’s pottery factory in Rocky River, Ohio in the 1920s. I found eight pieces by other artists who worked with him and two by my great uncle, his Madonna and his Adam. I don’t know if they are on display or in storage. When we take our driving trip east at the time of our granddaughter’s arrival in July I need to do some further research to find out, but as I mentioned in an earlier comment, we saw a lot their work at the Cowan Pottery Museum in the Rocky River Public Library. Still, I think we need to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Botanical Gardens.

    1. Barbara, I remember you mentioning him in a previous post/comment. I was fascinated by your account of him and his art. I looked him up and found some info, but I was in the midst of classes and never followed up any further. Now that I’ve got a break, I’ll have to revisit his story, and I’ll see if I can find anything out through the museum. That will make for another fun adventure! Oh, and by the way, may all go well and be in good time for your granddaughter’s arrival! There will be much to celebrate. When the time grows closer, let me know when you are going to be in the area.:-)

      1. Cecelia, that all sounds great. You are so kind. But now that I think about it and have looked in our road atlas I am thinking we will most likely be traveling south of Cleveland. But you never know. My husband is as fascinated by Cowan pottery as I am.

    1. Yes, the Cleveland Botanical Garden is a beautiful place to visit. I plan to go back from time to time.
      Thank you for the award; I am truly humbled. Having said that however, I have come to the conclusion that for the time being I will have to step out of the award-giving loop. Too many things going on at the moment, and not enough time to do them~or the giver of the award~justice. I truly appreciate the gesture, but hope you understand that for now I will have to bow out. 😦

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