10 thoughts on “A Gossiping God

  1. But how do I remain my brother’s keeper within such limitations? Ch, Ju, and Is demand interaction with a community consciousness. D’s philosophy does seem congruent with other eastern rel’s in that the path is a solely personal endeavor and one of disengagement.

    1. Actually, I did not interpret this in the same way that you did. I am my brother’s/sister’s keeper in that I care for and respect the individual that they are. Are they fed, are they safe, are they nurtured, can I help? Those questions are quite different than the “you shoulds” and “you oughts” traps that we often fall into while wearing the guise of “I care.” There is a difference between wanting you to live life by my dictates and embracing you as a human being with your own life to live by your own tenets. I know that people violate others’ boundaries all the time, and that there is a place for protection from each other, but the ideal is still (in my book) do I care for and respect the individual that your are. (I’m getting perilously close to writing another post, so I’ll end here. I look forward to your response, if you choose to respond 🙂 )

    1. Wow, you weren’t kidding were you? What a powerful post! I can’t thank you enough for sharing it. I left a link there to a protected post I did a while back that shares a somewhat similar message. It’s protected, but the password is “mother.” I can’t remember if you have read it or not–but its message might speak to you.

      1. Glad you checked it out, and that you had a similar response as mine. And, yes, I’ve read the post at that link. Wow. I feel honored and humbled to read bits and pieces of your story. Thank you for sharing your self with us.
        Hugs back,

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