Look at what the Laughing Bunny is doing! What a neat idea, a personal challenge to serve others. Check out his blog, and consider helping him help wounded veterans (a series of four posts, this is the first). There are so many ways we can use our abilities and talents for good and for service. Wow. What a cool idea.


The Laughing Bunny

Most New Year’s resolutions are self-serving. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight or reduce your blood pressure; however, I want to do something for others this year. Besides, I think I am as sexy as I will ever be.

Last year, my resolution was to socialize more, which meant I had to break that triangle of work, bar, and home. Thanks to the support of my friends, I did! I immersed myself into photography and writing as well as enjoyed time on the Chesapeake Bay. I visited a winery and a wine festival with friends. I even invited friends to stay with me — which I’ve never had anyone but family stay with me.

Some of my friends are involved, with the charity organization Friends of the Wounded Veterans (FOTWV). I just started getting involved and I am anxious to do more. I think I have found a way…

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    1. Thanks for visiting the blog referenced above. I think he has a very good idea and is using his gifts and talents in a most worthy way. Makes me stop and think about what I am doing.

  1. WOW!!! Thank you Cecelia!!! That so kind of you! I enjoy visiting your blog. Great stories and wonderful pictures. I love your photographs. I love taking pictures of wildlife and nature but most of the time I have no idea what species I just photographed! I guess researching the identify of a bird or flower is part of the fun. Thanks again!

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