A River of Stones: Day 28

Walking in the snow today, I wistfully recalled the vibrant colors of spring (shown year-round in greenhouses everywhere.) I thought of days filled with sunshine and warmth and I opined to myself, “only ten more weeks . . . or so.”


12 thoughts on “A River of Stones: Day 28

  1. lovely smalls tone, C. and a photograph that opens and reflects to match your words.
    . . . almost done rolling small stones in the palm of my hand – thanks for your everyday inspiration.

    1. Thank you, Susie, for continuing to drop by. This has been a fun challenge for the month of January. I must admit though, I need to bring this to a close as other obligations become more pressing. Have a great weekend.

  2. Looks wonderful!
    I shouldn’t complain (we have no snow here)… but…! Yesterday we went to the botanical garden, which is always nice, but it’s a lot more cheerful when spring colors like these are waiting for you!

    1. We keep talking about going to the Botanical Gardens here in Cleveland but we haven’t made it there yet. Soon! 🙂 This photo was one that I took a couple of years ago when we were living in Maryland.

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