A River of Stones: Day 26

Unrelenting rain all day threatens to dampen my spirits. Cabin fever defines my mood. I threaten to complain, but words fall on deaf ears. Besides, I get a lot of studying done on days like this. Periodically my furry friend comes to my window, scratches around to get my attention, and then we flirt back and forth for a bit. After a while he leaves and I get back to my studies. Sigh. . .

24 thoughts on “A River of Stones: Day 26

    1. Yes, it is a nice break. And I can keep my watch set by him, too. He comes to see me at 9:30am ever morning, like clockwork, stays for 15 or 20 minutes and then scampers away until the next day. Really cute.

  1. Awww, love those Fox Squirrels! I would need some true motivation to do the studying that you are doing Cecelia. I think I would do so much better at school now that I have grown up and know what I want to be at 60 šŸ™‚

    1. Yes, the squirrels are a delight to watch when I am shut in due to weather. As to school, I love the subjects I’m studying, and I have a definite goal in sight. . . BUT I can’t stand the pressure and time that it takes from other things that I find so enjoyable. It’s a mixed bag.

    1. Yeah, he’s here every day. Actually I think I have two squirrels visiting me. There is enough difference in behavior, and a bit of a difference in the face (after a while you start to notice those things!) that I’m beginning to think that two squirrels are taking turns with the suet!

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