A River of Stones: Day 21

Yes, I’ve been here before. Took a look around. Walked out the door.

Tonight I stay. I approach the machine determined to walk. I’ll walk for miles, over hills and through valleys. I’ll walk down roadways and off the beaten path, but I will walk. Never mind the hard-as-rock rippling muscles on the kid walking beside me (did I mention, not a gray hair on his head!) Never mind the svelte petite blond bombshell climbing stairs behind me (did I mention, not a gray hair on her head!) Never you mind. No sirree. No one will keep me from traipsing along the trail that stretch out before me. I’m walking from here to California and back! I’ll show my doctor. I’ll show my kids. I’ll show the world. I’ll do it for my grandkids. Just watch me! 😉

***Tonight I walked 2.45 miles on my way to California and back! 😀

20 thoughts on “A River of Stones: Day 21

    1. 😀 Thanks Margie! (You shoulda seen those folks! They were pretty enough for commercials. A little daunting for this gray-haired, frumpy, over-weight middle-aged woman to get in there next to them . . . in front of mirrored walls no less! BUT, I did it. Before it’s all over they will be admiring me! 🙂 You watch! … tehe).

  1. Another HooRay for you! I just can’t get motivated for the treadmill but I am still trying to keep up my heart healthy walk outside on the path that CH keeps mowed for me. Been a little chilly lately. Keep on walkin’!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, sweetdays! I would much prefer walking outside, but now that the cold, snow and ice seems to be here to stay, I will walk the treadmill . . . all the way to California and back! You, too, keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Oh, but who else could take a photo as cool as this one? And who cares about those gray hairs? That means we’re Wise. (That’s what it means, I swear that’s what it means.) Good luck!

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