A River of Stones: Day 16

Studies ruled the day. Read, interpret, write, read some more. Keep the eyes open. Keep reading. Must post the discussions tonight. Write Write Write. APA style. Academia demands it. Check the course room. Read some more. Don’t stop now. Keep reading.

I’d much rather study roses.


Creativity Jealousy! Yup, It’s Out There.

Another week has gone by, another week of daily creativity. But this week I had trouble being creative on a daily basis. I was sick (still am), and I just wasn’t in the mood if ya know what I mean. Besides, everywhere I turned I saw creative people being creative. My level of creative juices was pretty much on empty this week. I have a twin brother who lives in Colorado. His photography is phenomenal. I see his work and I think to myself, “Why can’t I do that?” I have a sister-in-law who makes beautiful jewelry and I wish I knew how. My daughter-in-law crochets and she, too, is an outstanding photographer (as are both of my daughters! You should see their photos! Beautiful.) Then there is my son, artist extraordinaire. He’s painting fantastic murals on his kids’ walls. Amazing. Did I leave anyone out? Probably. The point is that this week creativity jealousy was not really “out there,” it was “in here.” Sometimes we just aren’t in our groove and it seems that everyone else is. Bleh…

But in reality, I know better. The fact that I write papers for school, or write three blogs, or photograph something everyday, or even figure out how to navigate through life obstacles is evidence of creativity at work. This week I have been guilty of comparing myself to others, usually negatively. Yet, I wasn’t meant to be “others,” I was meant to be “me!”

There is a parable of a person who died and had to stand before the ultimate Creator. This person was remorseful that he was not a spiritual giant like Abraham or Moses, and that he didn’t pray like Miriam or Hannah. G-d replied, “I didn’t create you to be Abraham or Moses or Miriam or Hannah. I created you to be you.”

It is good to remember that our primary creative endeavor is to be our authentic selves.

To see some of what I did this week, check out my NoCZ-2012 blog for today!

The Latest Challenge!

Last week Len at The Daily Dose Photo Blog issued a challenge! This week I took him up on this challenge!

Go to an unfamiliar location, then have your companion blindfold you. Now take your pictures. Your friend should now move you around, so that you don’t know where you are and make sure you don’t hurt yourself.
It might be wise to use the automatic setting on your camera.

Well, no one was with me, but when I was out one day taking photos, I came to an open field and thought I would try Len’s suggestion. So I closed my eyes and turned around, then reversed my turning around until I had no idea which direction I was pointed in. I started shooting photographs, eyes still closed. I raised my camera over my head to shoot, and bent down low to do the same. I kept my eyes closed throughout the process.

Wow! Below are two of my photographs from that day, each with a before and after shot:


The next photograph was taken with my camera pointed more downward:


Each photo was easily tossable, good for the trash can. But with a little creative editing, I was able to get some interesting photos. Wow! What a concept. What did I learn from this challenge? That there is beauty in everything we see. We may have to tweek the view here and there, but beauty is everywhere we look.

Sort of like life, isn’t it. If we look only skin deep, we may fail to see the beauty of a person or an object or a scene. Dig a little deeper, and a beautiful work of art is revealed. This was a fun exercise in stepping out of my comfort zone, and the results are remarkable. As with every challenge thus far, this one is a paradigm for life.

I’m glad you stopped by. I am interested in what you think about this so please feel free to leave a comment. Have a great week and come back next Monday to see what NoCZ-2012 continues to teach me.