Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

I’m a little late this week but better late than never! I don’t know why I didn’t think of these photos before, but my trip to Chicago this fall provided lots of “between” photo ops! Here are a few!


37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

    1. Thanks nuvofelt! That was fast. I JUST posted and here you are! I had a fantastic trip, and I’m planning on returning to the windy city in spring when my youngest daughter has her baby. πŸ™‚ I’m sure I’ll get more photos then, too.

  1. My kind of town– which a few weeks ago we left for life in a small mountain town. When Maggie Daley died a month or so ago, the city learned what a contribution she made to the city’s beauty. Not the architecture, of course, but the little details, like flowers, that women think about.

    1. I remember coming to visit you on my birthday years ago ~~ my first trip to the windy city. Now that both the girls live there, I make it back more often. I’m glad that Ms. Daley thought of the flowers! Beautiful city. Thanks for stopping by, Nancy.

    1. Yes, SL was one classy lady, and quite beautiful (and as far as I know, she still is.) M, on the other hand, was an object, an icon, a confused soul in search of love and meaning, and she, too, was beautiful. Hers was a sad story while SL’s was a story of success. Quite a contrast! But M will forever be associated with the Chicago and the Chicago Tribune building (did you notice that in the background?). What a sad story.

    1. Sunrise on a Sunday morning in the windy city! The streets were empty, the sky was reds and pinks and yellows. My daughter’s boyfriend picked me up at Union Station and we went sight seeing and photo shooting before going out to the house. It was Awesome!

  2. Chicago is just stunning and beautiful.Between the images that you see and the photos you captures, lies the ability to inspire, to marvel and awe people…including me. Thanks.
    Wishing you and your family all the happy blessings for the New Year!

  3. All are beautiful photos! I love how you really ‘see’ things that a lot of people just glance at. Great entry Cecelia!

    1. Cool, huh! I loved that building at first sight, and the skywalk is wonderful. Next time I’m in Chicago I hope that I can walk across that skywalk. Bet the photo ops from that perspective are fantastic.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. The day I took those photos was magical. I arrived in Chicago at sunrise on a Sunday morning. My daughter’s boyfriend picked me up and drove me around the city for some photo ops before heading out to their house. Truly special. Glad you like the photos.

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