Gmail, I Don’t Swear As a Rule, BUT . . .

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Hmmm . . . I was wondering why I stopped receiving notifications when my blogging friends posted new stories. Once upon a time my gmail box would be full every time I visited. I looked forward to reading what others were writing about, or photographing. I enjoyed visiting other sites when I could. Even when I got behind (usually due to studies or other life events), I knew that notifications would be waiting for me and I could catch up when time allowed. But for a few weeks now, my gmail box has been almost empty. There have been a few listings here and there, but only from sites outside of WordPress. Hmmm . . . (yes, I know I’m repeating myself). Had WordPress changed the way they notified blog subscribers? I found myself using the blog reader in WP, but that didn’t work so well when I wanted to go back and read back-posts from a week ago, or two weeks ago. Or, for those who post only two or three times a week, or less, it is a hit-or-miss situation. I found that I was missing many posts from a lot of bloggers that I enjoy keeping up with. MInd you, there are times when I definitely get behind. I’m in the midst of one of my most challenging quarters yet (lots of statistics–ugh!) but it is nice to take a break here and there, read something a friend has written, leave a comment when I can, or check “like” to let my buddies know that I stopped by. WELL, this morning while I was exploring the “new” gmail, which probably isn’t so new anymore, I discovered that I had close to 3,000 notifications in my spam folder…. 3,000!!!! You gotta be kidding me!!! So, I checked it out, and sure enough that is where ALL WordPress notifications of your wise, wonderful, insightful, beautiful, inspiring, funny, elegant and otherwise great postings have been going. GRRRRRRRRR….  Why they started sending the notifications to my spam box, I don’t know.

Well, it is not the end of the world, nor is the sky falling. The earth is not shaking (I’ve experienced that a few times and it is definitely more frightening than my email in my gmail going to spam mail). It is an aggravation, nothing more. But I do depend on the mail to help me keep abreast of what is happening in the blogging world. Soooooo  . . . I’ll try to get this straightened out. My absence from your sites is not intentional, nor does it mean my blogging days are waning. It simply means the GMAIL IS FALLING DOWN ON THE JOB! (Do you think that the gmail fairies are reading this blog?)  I may not be able to catch up with all the postings (3,000, can you believe it!), but I’ll be back to see you soon.

In the meantime, have a glorious day.  I feel better now that I’ve gotten this off my chest. 🙂 I hope you are feeling great, too!

With affection for all my blogging friends,

Cecelia Futch 🙂

31 thoughts on “Gmail, I Don’t Swear As a Rule, BUT . . .

  1. Exactly the same thing happened to me, a while back. I think I know why!

    With Gmail’s new interface, I think I may have hit the wrong button ONCE … markinga WP note as spam, and after that all the others went to spam too. I corrected it … went into my spam folder, selected all of them, and hit the NOT SPAM-button, so it wouldn’t happen again…

    1. You may be right, Rebekah. I feel bad to have missed so many postings, but at least now I know why, I’ve sent notice to Gmail in the hopes of correcting the situation. I’ll try your method, too. Then I’ll delete them when they are back in my inbox. There is no way I will be able to read 3,000 emails! (or to be precise, 2,983). Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. Hopefully I’ll be back on track soon!

      1. in my case, I most definitely think it was me, myself who clicked spam in the first place. If you don’t do the “not spam” click, Gmail’s spam filter won’t understand that it should go to your inbox..

        Just select all:unread …that will make it easier..

        1. Actually, I was so overwhelmed with it all that I emptied the spam folder and I’m starting over again. I now know where to look for spam (it’s hidden in a drop-down) and I’ll stay on top of things. I hope to get back to my usual blogging soon.

    1. I’ve already sent notice to Gmail help. You are correct about deleting the 3,000. There is no way I will get through all those emails. I’ll get back on track soon, and hopefully will catch up with friends. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.

  2. I believe ya Cecelia! I love my Gmail. I love the old Gmail. I did use the “New” Gmail for a few days to see what it was going to be like when they did the big switch. All was good and then one day I signed in and all my contacts were gone, there was and still is no way to navigate to mail. No inbox, no sent, no trash, no spam. No mail menu in my left sidebar. Frustrating beyond words. I don’t want to leave Gmail but there will be no way for me to manage my mail once they switch to the new version. I am furious and have let them know every opportunity I have. Have not heard one thing from them. Maybe I should do a post too expressing my feelings about the “New Gmail”!

    1. I know someone who switched to hotmail because she became so disinfranchised with gmail. Right now that sounds like a good option! I’m sure I’ll get it sorted out, but I am not happy with gmail. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. In Gmail, one has to go to a drop-down menu to find it, at least in the new gmail. I did not know that. Oy… I just deleted all the spam and I’m starting over again. There is no way I can catch up with all those blogs. BUT, now I know. Hopefully I will get back on track with my blogging! Hooray! See you soon. 🙂

  3. Bless your heart. Though this hasn’t happened to me to the degree that it has you, I have has some issues with Yahoo pulling similar tricks with SPAMMING important mail. Oh the joys of digital age.

    1. Yes, Kathryn, in the moment I was really put out. Now it’s rather humerous, but I will have to keep an eye on my Google account at the first signs something is awry. Oh well, like you say, “the joys of digital age.”

  4. That is too funny….you have a lot to catch up on! I have lost items in spam too, but for the most part it has also saved me from having to help a stranded friend in Nigeria (you know those spam letters….).


    1. Yes, I’m with you; I don’t miss my “friends” in Nigeria, but I was missing my blogging friends. Hopefully I’ll get back on track soon (school is another thing that slows down the blogging). Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Wow! It would have taken me at least 10 days to go through 3000 emails; and by then, there probably would have been 3000 new ones. You did the only thing possible… delete them and start over. 😉

    1. It was sad, really. I knew I was probably deleting a lot of notifications for some great posts, but there will be more wonderful posts to read, too. Now that know what the problem was,I can stay on top of it going forward. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you soon.

  6. My computer geek fix it and teacher man demands I use gmail and it does have many amenities over email. The same thing happened to my blog notifications. I would resubscribe and resubscribe and get comments too on other blog which I follow. Then nothing. I don’t know if it was a gmail thing but found everything in spam and that did not allow resubscribe. Rich said I was careless and pressed spam instead of delete but there is no way I could have made such an error elevendy million times. I do delete after reading and or commenting. Even all the wordpress advisers could not figure it out. I had to un spam 1200 mails and it took so long because I could not “do all” because there was spam intermixed. Check your spam.

    1. Oy….I took the easy way out. I deleted everything in my spam folder, then I check it every time I sign on and “despam” the WP notices. I hope to be back on track soon! I’m with you; I think it is a Gmail thing! Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear you had the same troubles I’m having.

    1. I know. One reader thought that I might have inadvertently sent one WP notification to spam and all the others followed. Makes sense. But then another reader had the same problem and he did not send anything to spam. There is definitely a glitch somewhere. Now that I know where to find the spam folder (it’s hidden in gmail) I check it two or three times daily. Ah…the exciting world of cyberspace!

  7. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has trouble keeping up on others’ blogs (note that I’m catching up on your past month’s posts all on the same afternoon!). I found it awkward to click back and forth from e-mail to WordPress so what I do is visit the blogs on my blogroll, going off on a tangent every now and then.

    1. Great idea. Of course, I do need to update my blogroll. That might be the better way to stay caught up. Right now, though, school work has me bogged down. This is a particularly demanding quarter. Mid-December I get a three week break. I hope to really get caught up then. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth. I thought that when I found the problem and fixed it that I would get back to my blog-hopping ways. But this quarter is the most challenging one yet, and I still can’t get back up to snuff. I’ll finish up by mid-December, and then I’ll be bugging everyone again! 🙂 It is good to see you.

    1. I know. It was unreal. I laughed myself silly even though I was upset with Gmail. But now I know what happened and I’m slowly but surely getting caught up with my blogging friends. Thanks for stopping by.

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