Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

This was a very challenging challenge! I think I’ve got it however. 🙂  Who can express wonder better than a child, and in this case, our granddaughter, Genevieve! Enjoy.

Photograph by GG's mother, Maria.

40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

  1. A child brings out a sense of wonder in all that they do, creates magic and adventure with each moment they are at play and discovery. Through their eyes we get to see those wonders. Beautiful photo of your granddaughter and the sheep. Adorable and priceless.

    1. Thanks HG. Our grandchildren rock, don’t they! Thanks for stopping by. I just hopped over to your blog; wonderful interpretation for this challenge….her little hand in that big imprint. Wonder of wonders! (huffygirl.wordpress.com … I would link it for other readers, but I don’t know how to do that in the comments section.)

  2. Great shot (even if you didn’t take it)! Anyone who did not submit a photo of the child for this challenge were so off the mark and, possible, should be evaluated by trained professionals!

    1. They must be waiting for the “hair dresser!” This is a petting farm, so I would hope that this is not a sheep slated for the you-know-what! The angst is probably due to the little kiddies always ogling and fussing over them. 🙂

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