Even the Cat! (Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot)

30 thoughts on “Even the Cat! (Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot)

  1. Sometimes it is our pets which get forgotten in times of great heatwaves, so it is good to see that your puss has the sense to get in front of the fan.
    My very old rescue dog had a thick coat so he has been shaved and now he is cool. He is now 15 and this must be the first time in his life that his coat has been cut.

    Have a lovely day

    1. Yes, too often the animals are forgotten. I have not let our cat outside in this heat. And, I’m sure your “old rescue dog” appreciates not having to wear all that fur in this kind of weather. Stay cool, and have a fabulous day!

    1. She is a Norwegian Forest Cat (Siberian)~white with tabby spotting; 18 (almost) years old and blind as a bat (althought bats don’t like me saying that, I’m sure… hehehe). As you can see however, she manages her life quite well! πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by.

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