Flag Counter

OK. . . so I got this flag counter, only it posted as a post rather than a widget.  How do I move the thing to the sidebar so that it keeps a running count?  This is very confusing!

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  1. Hey.. where you signed up for it, they gave you a snippet of code. Copy that, open a text widget, paste in the code and you’re all set.. 🙂

  2. When you are in your dashboard, look on the left column, scroll down to Appearance and click on Widgets. A page will open; choose the “Text” widget under “Available widgets” and drag it to the right of the page where the Default sidebar is [=could be a footer widget area or a sidebar].
    Now open the text widget by clicking on the little triangle to the right of text box and there is where you copy the html of your counter.
    Hope this helps….

    here is more help from the support pages http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/text-widget/

    1. OK, look in the other comments on this post. You will find directions to get this widget. To get the html code, click on the flag counter box in this post, then keep following the prompts to the code, copy it. Once back on your administrative page, go to Appearance, then Widget, then choose text widget, open it ant in the “title” box type “visitors.” In the text area paste the code, then save the widget to the location you wish (sidebar or bottom of the page.) That should do it!

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