Weekly Photo Challenge: Water (The Final One!)

So much rain last week. Today is clear and beautiful, but not as photogenic as the rainy pics.  I’ve chosen only one to post.  Enjoy!



25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Water (The Final One!)

  1. Aah. This picture makes me nostalgic for my hometown of Eugene, Oregon. In my current home, it’s been more sunny than not for months . . .

  2. Its the onset of monsoon in India too..had the first shower last night and got drenched, it will be like this till September here …was just thing about capturing some of the magic, but i didn’t have the courage to deal with a wet camera there after, it is too precious a baby!

    1. I know what you mean about the camera. This was shot from the covered balcony of our apartment! At any rate, thanks for stopping in. Hope you don’t get too wet in the coming months!

      1. I love the rains really! its the slushy roads and the discomfort after the rain leaves that make me blue and cranky! Being a Scorpio, i LOVE water, in any form 🙂

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