Back to School…Again

A new school quarter has begun.  We are in the first week of classes but the pressure to produce is already mounting.  In the few weeks break between quarters I’ve spent time reading many blogs, viewing numerous photographs by other photographers…many of them quite good…blogging, and fancying myself making a living with my camera and my pen…um…er…computer.  I’ve made new “blogging” friends during the break, too, which is really cool.  What I’m saying is that I am reluctant to jump back into the dizzying schedule required of grad students.  Life should be simpler than academia imposes on those of us who are caught up in the headiness of higher learning.  There should be more time for the joys in life and less time devoted to the stressors.   But when I look at the big picture (you know, the one I told you about back in June, the 29th to be exact, Turning Another Page) I know that I’m on the right path.  My courses are interesting and I usually get caught up in the learning process as the quarter progresses.  Knowing that, however, does not make it any easier to buckle down once again with the books.  I love to have a camera in my hand, or to hammer out another blog.  Everywhere I go a book, a camera (or two), paper and pen (or computer), goes with me.  That way I will never be without one of my vices!  And to be honest, photography and blogging or writing is part of the big picture, too, just not the whole picture.  So for the next ten weeks I will be devoting more time to learning about the profession of mental health counseling and spending less time with the blog and the camera (maybe.)  While I hope to keep up with a weekly blog, and to continue participating in the weekly photo challenge, I make no promises.  For now, it is back to the studies!


2 thoughts on “Back to School…Again

    1. Thank you, Eliz. I’ll try to stop in each week to say something, but coursework will come first. What I will miss is wandering through other blogs and getting to “know” others who have a penchant for writing and/or photography. I do enjoy that aspect of this medium. But when the next break rolls around, I’ll be back at it 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement. Much appreciated.

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