Wow!  This morning as I was drinking my first cup of coffee, as is my wont, I watched the sunrise.  The colors were gorgeous, as usual, and as usual I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera to shoot a few frames.  The sunrise comes up on the left side of my balcony.  After I got what I hoped would be a few good photos, I turned to come inside and as I looked to my right, lo and behold I saw one of the most beautiful moonsets I’ve ever seen!  The “super moon” was just a few nights ago, but the moon is still close to the earth and the view was beautiful.  So, the following pictures were shot from my balcony, standing in the same spot, all within a five-minute time frame.  Again I say, Wow!

11 thoughts on “Sunrise~Moonset

    1. Thanks 2e0mca,
      All those photos were taken within minutes of each other. It is amazing how fast the sky changes at that time of the morning.
      I appreciate your stopping by. Have a great day!

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