Crunch Time

As you may have noticed, I’ve been posting many photographs lately.  Joining the “Weekly Photo Challenge” is fun, and it gives me more reasons to take pictures.  (I would put a smiley face in here if I knew how.)  As of late, life stressors have been pretty intense.  Richard (and hundreds of others) was laid off of a job he enjoyed.  I am nearing the end of the third quarter in my masters program which means that papers, tests, final evals, etc. are starting to come due.  It will only get worse until the end arrives on March 18.  Photography is an avid hobby that helps me relax, and it helps me to stop and “see” the world beyond our crisis.  I am reminded that creation has existed since before human existence (and may last after human existence at the rate we are going.)  Photography, taking walks with my husband, watching the sun rise from my balcony, stroking the cat curled up in my lap, hearing my granddaughter say “hi Bubbe” for the first time or my grandson read to me over the phone from the book I made for him, talking with Mom and Dad every few days~these and more are the truly valuable “things” of life.  All it takes is noticing, listening, relating, thanking to lead a truly abundant life.  So, I have reached “crunch time” in the quarter and in our livelihood, which means that I will be sharing more photography with you in the coming days.  I hope you enjoy.  And while you are at it, what are the activities or experiences in your life that remind you that life is much more than its stressors?

Have a great day.


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