PC vs MAC: My Dilemma

My computer finally bit the dust.  I wrote of its impending demise some time back, and it finally happened.  I have been a pc user for all of my computer years.  Microsoft is my computer bible.  There are problems with pc’s, to be sure.  Frequent virus attacks are what finally did me in.  No virus protection in the world was capable of guarding my laptop from the ever-evolving hacks out there whose sole intent is to wreak havoc with folks like you and me.  Despite the risks, the headaches, and the frustration that pc users are bound to encounter from time to time, I was comfortable with my laptop.   From editing photographs to creating cards to writing epistles and creating Powerpoint presentations, I could do just about anything I wanted on my pc.


Regardless of comfort level, however, there comes a time when one must move on and embrace the new…or so “they” say.  My kids have sung the praises of Apple computers for years.  Try as they might, though, I have not been persuaded to make the switch.  But times change, and so do needs.  The Apple is famous for its creative and artistic applications.  As a photographer working toward setting up a little cottage industry creating and selling notecards, the Apple Mac looked like the route to go.   For months I’ve researched the Apple to make sure it would/could do everything I wanted it to do: edit photos, create cards, write papers in word format, etc.  Switching brands was a scary proposition for me.  Finally, after much consternation, and when my pc crashed for the last time, I purchased my first Apple computer, a Mac Pro.  It helped that there was a student special running at the time, so I saved some money in the process and got a free iPod to boot!  (What am I going to do with an iPod?  I need WiFi to use it, so it mainly gets used at home or at Border’s, but this is beside the point.)


Buying a Mac is an experience.  Shortly after the purchase, I returned to the Apple store with my old pc and the Mac in tow.  I left both computers with the experts so that they could take all my personal data from the pc and transfer it to the Mac.  Great service, don’t you think?  Two days later I returned to “meet my Mac.”  At that time a customer service representative spent about an hour showing me where everything was on the computer.  I was discovering that a Mac and a pc have very little in common, and just because I was proficient on a pc did not mean I could navigate a Mac. Try as I might I was not doing so well on the Mac and was regretting my purchase. I scheduled a second appointment to return for a tutoring session. That was a good move because I learned some shortcuts and nifty features on the Mac (no, I’m not going into detail…don’t have the patience to write about it.) The good thing about Apple is that for the first year I get all the tutoring I need to learn how to use the thing.  At this rate I will be making full use of the plan.  My next appointment will be about working with digital photography on the Mac.


Now, two weeks later, there is still a lot to learn about this Mac.  I go through periods of intense frustration as I experiment, explore and try to create new artwork or post blogs (yup, that changed, too….making me crazy.)  At least once a day I wish I had my old pc back.  But I’m learning.  And there are things about the Mac that are really cool, so it appears that I will stick with it.  But just so ya know, I’m still missing my pc.


5 thoughts on “PC vs MAC: My Dilemma

  1. Good luck with figuring it all out. We’re facing the same dilemma. As I get older it’s hard to adjust to new technologies. By the way, Jim loves his I-Touch, carries it with him wherever he goes. One of his aps is a bird-identification program that has pictures and sounds.

    1. The Apple is making me crazy, but I am making progress. I am using the iPod touch more and more; downloaded languages to learn (Hebrew, Spanish, French) and a ton of ebooks, mainly classics that I’ve always wanted to read. I’ll look for the bird app. Sounds interesting. Thanks for reading and commenting. BTW, your latest book sounds fascinating.

  2. Love my Mac, learned on a Mac and am totally lost on a PC… Once you get more familiar with your mac, I promise, you’ll love it!

    1. That is what every Mac owner tells me. I hope you’re right. As you know, Mac’s and PC’s are very different. There is a huge learning curve here, but I’m hanging in there!

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