A final thought for the day…

There is just enough time to post a short note before the end of the day.  As far as I’ve been able to tell, most people who took the 30 blog challenge did so for the month of June.  I was a few days late finding out about it, so I have three more days.  Unlike most, I have missed a few days along the way, but then I knew that would happen before I began.   But I still have a few days left.  I’m writing this so that I don’t miss another day.  And I’m conflicted: Do I post something that is sloppy just so that I post something, or do I just skip it since the quality of this post is so inferior.  If you are reading this, you know my choice.

My next self-imposed challenge will be a 15 day blog challenge on my other wordpress blog, http://crogowfutch.wordpress.com.  Once school begins, and work, too, I’m not sure how often I will blog.  Time will tell.

I hope to continue blogging, primarily because I enjoy it.  I have also found that wonderful things happen when I write, reflect, ruminate (I like that word) and dream.  A lot has happened this month (see previous blog) and I am excited about what lies ahead.  Blogging has been pivotal in helping clarify my life goals and visualizing my dream.  I want to keep that up.

Right now, however, it is four minutes till midnight, past my bedtime.  So, until tomorrow, sleep well.  Good night all.  Layla Tov.


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