Today is the Day, Part 2

Well, I finished my essay as I said I would.  However, when I went back to re-read it, I wasn’t happy with it.  I started editing.  After all, this essay will be part of my admission packet.  It needs to be perfect.  Reveal enough to let the administrators know that I am a well-rounded, solid, intelligent, thoughtful, person, well suited for life as a counselor; not enough to let them see that I am at times a neurotic, needy, blubbering mess.  Striking the balance is rather tricky.  To be honest, I was proud of the essay I wrote, and ready to submit it for posterity’s sake … except for one of the four sections: self-awareness.  What do they mean by self-awareness?  Just how much self-awareness do “they“ want from me?  Do I write about the bad, the ugly, the painful experiences of my life?  The problem is that I could give too much information, more than anyone wants.  Do I write about unconditional love and acceptance, growing up with no problems, being exceptionally wise?  Nah…too Pollyannaish, too saccharine.  “They” would never believe it anyway.   What to do.

I edited this one section many times.  I finally wrote about growing up in an average, middle class home with a fair amount of hills and valleys to navigate.  I decided to just tell them I was no more or no less messed up than anyone else on this planet.  When I finished, it looked good to me, so I submitted the essay, and now I can relax.

NOT!  Now there are forms to fill out for the  place I interviewed earlier this week.  Background checks have to be conducted before a job can be offered.  Glad they don’t get to read my personal essay for graduate school!

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