A Short Note…

I have a job interview this afternoon.  We are not talking about a “big” job, but it is a meaningful job that will help us financially while I work my way through grad school.  Better yet, this job is loosely tied to the field of work I am entering.  I’m starting on an MS for Mental Health Counselor in a matter of weeks.  The job for which I am applying is Rehab Tech at a health care center for retired people.  I see a connection.  Don’t you?  Anyway, the pay is not great, but there are benefits, the primary one being that I will work with folks in a helping sort of way.  Cool, huh.

So, I’m keeping this short.  I didn’t post yesterday (writer’s block…for writers, that is no excuse…I’m working on it) but I plan on posting again tonight after my interview  (to make up for yesterday) and I will write all the good news of the day!

May your day be sunny and filled with all good things.

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4 thoughts on “A Short Note…

    1. Thanks Nancy. Had a great interview. The process takes a couple of weeks, but it looks good. A simple job in a great setting, with people who seem to like what they do.

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