Busy Day…

What a day…I’m posting so that I can keep my committment to the 30 day challenge (blog everyday for 30 days)…but in all honesty, I’m not sure this one counts as a blog or as whining about all the things that “prevented” me from blogging.  I think I’ll count it as a blog.  It’s my blog, I can do what I want!

I started out the day at the dentist’s office.  Nothing major, just routine stuff.  But I was there for an hour and a half.  When I got home, I started on my FAFSA form and financial aid application for graduate school.  By the way, I was admitted to Capella to begin work on my MS in Mental Health Counseling to begin on July 12.  Not a lot of time to get the rest of my registration materials in.  I worked on those forms for hours today.

I then received notice that the Leadership Grant folks have accepted my application for a grant for start up money for my business.  Woohoo. I have till the end of July to write out my business plan, complete their required forms, do the research and develop the financial part, apply  to be a sole proprietorship, etc.  A lot of work, but I’m psyched.  Starting school AND my business! (Even if I don’t receive the grant, the business moves forward, just at a slower pace.)

Then, I got an email and I have a job interview next week (a job in the field I am going to get my degree in) and so now I’m doing some research on the company and the job.  I fully expect to be hired.  Fully!  (So, starting school, starting business, starting new job…all in the month of July.)

Finally, my husband’s car is dead as a doornail and the car folks can’t seem to fix it. So, when Richard got home tonight, we went car shopping.  We did not buy anything (came thaaaaat close) but we have an idea of what he wants.

There you have it.  I could choose something to “reflect” upon, but I simply don’t have the energy.  This has been a very busy, rewarding, exciting, tiring day.  I’m going to be busy, but I plan to keep blogging.  This, too, is in my plan.

Sleep well.  More tomorrow.

(p.s. no editing this blog tonight…the perfectionist in me cringes, but not enough to motivate me to perfect this post.  Oh well, such is life.)

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