The Challenge: Day 3

The Challenge: Day 3, I did not blog because Saturdays are my Sabbath, a day of abstaining from all types of creative work.   Having observed the Sabbath for over a dozen years, now, I find that it truly has become a day to recharge the batteries.  We don’t drive cars, wash clothes, carry on business, talk on the phone, listen to the iPod, write, photograph, or any of a multitude of other creative, laborious activity.  Instead of the usual hectic pace we carry on through the week, the Sabbath is for visiting friends and relatives, spending time at the synagogue learning, sharing meals with each other.  If one has never kept the Sabbath before, there is a definite learning curve that can be quite daunting.  Try going through an entire twenty-five hour period without turning on the television or computer.  Or, better, figure out how to have a full, delicious meal without turning on the stove.  We even set our lights on timers so that we won’t flip switches on and off.  To most of you this probably sounds bizarre, archaic, just plain weird.  But having lived this way for a while now, I would never give it up.  Life slows down, takes a breather.  One has a day to reflect on spiritual things, to really spend time with friends and  people we love.  Walking is our method of transportation, and it not only provides physical benefit, but also clears our harried minds and souls.  The Sabbath is indeed a day of rest from far more than you might imagine, and oftentimes I have credited keeping the Sabbath with keeping my sanity!

8 thoughts on “The Challenge: Day 3

    1. Hi Rebekah!
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am Jewish by choice. It was a good choice. No regrets and much to be thankful for. Glad you paused and left a comment. You might be interested in my other blog, small but near to my heart. Not pressuring, just informing you it is there should you be intereste: (Chana’s Song)
      At any rate, thanks for stopping in and for taking time to leave a comment. Much appreciated.

      1. Extremely cool! 🙂 I will certainly check it out right now.

        Speaking of which … A while back, I heard on the radio about a woman somewhere in the States, who converted to Judaism, and she ended up becoming the first female, black Rabbi… ! Can’t remember her name now, but she really sounded like an individual I’d like to meet … very nice.

        1. I would like to meet her, too. If you find out her name please let me know. Thanks for your interest, for stopping by and conversing. I love blogging and the other bloggers I connect with. Maybe someday we’ll have the opportunity to meet over a cup of coffee . . . kosher, of course! 🙂

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