The Challenge: Day 2

And what a challenge it is! I’m composing this from my husband’s computer because my poor little old (emphasis on old) laptop has crashed four times today. Each time I have to reboot from some safety-type page, then hook up to my external drive whatever, then re-something or other to get my pc running again…until the next crash. As you can see, I’m not particularly tech savvy. Having acknowledged that fact, or should I say “despite that fact,” I have managed to wander and surf and write on the internet to my heart’s content. But now… well, we’re weighing our options. This turn of events makes my 30 day challenge more of a challenge. My husband’s computer is not like mine. I can use it (when he is out of the house, like right now) but I have developed an affinity for, or as some would say, an intimate relationship with my laptop. It goes with me everywhere. All my writing drafts, photography, interesting articles and family stuff is on that laptop. My favorite web sites are there. I have wonderful screen savers set up on that computer. Its quirks and idiosyncracies have become endearing, sort of like a marriage. I hate to see this relationship coming to an end. Fortunately though, and quite unlike a marriage, laptops are easily replaceable, relatively speaking. Until we decide what to do, though, I’ll be writing from my husband’s computer. Tomorrow is our Sabbath so I will not be around. But I’ll be back on Sunday with a more substantive blog…and maybe info regarding what we decide about my sweet laptop.

2 thoughts on “The Challenge: Day 2

  1. I feel your pain. Every time I get a new computer I moan over it not being like my old one. I don’t begin to use all the features–can’t even do any more than place a phone call on my cell phone. Meanwhile, I watch my grandchildren use technology with ease.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. We haven’t completely caved and gotten the new one yet, but that day is looming. Oh well, as a friend of mine says, “love ’em and leave ’em.”

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