Today I am departing from the style of my usual blog.  As you know, I’ve been sick and really haven’t felt like doing anything, other than burying myself in blankets and hiding from the world.  But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t active!  On the contrary.  I was so miserable that I was begging not only for meds, anything to knock me out, but also for suggestions from family and friends on how to combat the common flu and bronchitis.  And, as I suspected, my family and friends came through for me!  So for today I am passing on to you the remedies that Richard and I have used for the past few days.  We are feeling much better.

The first thing we did was to start drinking homemade ginger tea.  Ginger is one of those plants that is pretty much good for whatever ails you.  A rhizome (or as most of us incorrectly state, a root)  it grows best in tropical climates and is native to the Asian countries of India, China, Viet Nam, Thailand, etc.  We are seeing it grown more in the U.S. now, mainly because we Americans have discovered its medicinal qualities.  So, I sent Richard to the store to get some ginger root for me.  He did…..enough to last the rest of our lives!  Does anyone know how to preserve raw ginger indefinitely?  I hate to see it go to waste.  The good thing is that we have been drinking wonderful, flavorful, hot ginger tea for days now.  And we can definitely say that this remedy works!

The next thing I did was to cut up an onion and put it in a jar with a screw-top lid.  Then I poured honey over it to cover the onions.  Let is sit for 24 hours, then remove the onions and use the honey….a spoonful three or four times during the day, or add honey to whatever you add honey to.  My grandmother used whiskey and honey, others have suggested lemon and honey.  The concoction with onion and honey is interesting, but again, we are feeling much better after a weekend of taking this.  I haven’t checked out the properties that make this work, so can’t go into those details.

And then there is the time honored favorite, the one most of us remember from our childhood, and it still soothes the body and eases the congestion: Vicks Vapor Rub!  I used it at night, when my congestion was the worst, to help me sleep more peacefully.  But I learned a new twist to this remedy (at least new to me.)  Take Vicks, rub it on your feet between your toes and then put on warm comfy socks.  It reduces the coughing and will help your breathing and sleeping.  So last night I used Vicks on my chest and on my feet, and today I feel terrific…well, at least a lot better.

Finally, the last suggested remedy! I really can’t say if it worked or not: oil of oregano.  I used it once,  two drops in a cup of hot tea.  In doing some research, this is supposed to be excellent for sinus congestion, colds and sore throats.  However, I was using so many other formulas and remedies that did work, and since I only used this once, I can’t honestly attest to its effectiveness.  I do plan on using this in the future (oil of oregano can be purchased at most health food stores) because it is purported to be excellent for strengthening the immune system, relieving skin rashes, increasing joint and muscle flexibility, and improving respiratory health, all issues of concern to me.

So there you have it.  Try these home remedies along with a lot of rest and homemade soup and you are good to go!  But please please please remember, I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR HEALTH PRACTITIONER by profession.  These are remedies that were helpful to my husband and me during this recent bout of illness.  See a doctor if your symptoms are severe, don’t go away, or you have other problems.  And please do your own research, too, especially if you are on other medicines.  Herbal remedies can cause problems when used with other meds, so check it out.  GOOGLE all the information in this post….that’s what I did, except for the onion and honey and the Vicks….that came from family and friends.  Thanks!

Here’s to your health and vitality!


2 thoughts on “HOME REMEDIES

  1. I have fond memories of Honey, Whiskey and Lemon. Other times I got an aspirin crushed in a spoon with sugar and water. (Totally hazardous – it suppressing the immune system.) And yes, I also have the vapor rub but I never thought it did anything. Your blog was a trip down memory lane.

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