Well, the time has come for me to get with the times, hence this blog.  There are many reasons why this seems to be the right time for me to begin such an undertaking.  First and foremost, I enjoy the writing process.  It keeps my mind alert and focused.  As someone who has been unemployed for a year now (a sign of the times which deserves its own blog) I find that I need to do something that will keep my mind from atrophying.  There is no one subject or theme for this blog–at least not yet!  I feel sure that in time a  theme will begin to emerge, but for now I simply write what comes to my mind. 

Secondly, I want to write for my family, especially my children.  I want to share myself with them.  They don’t  know my story, at least not my perspective on my story.  Do any of us really know or understand our parents unless they make a concerted effort to be open and vulnerable to our impressions and judgements?  I think that if we were to be more open, more transparent with each other — parent and child — we would find within ourselves a deeper compassion and love, one for the other.  At least I’m hoping that is the case.  Simply put, I want my children to forgive the wrongs I committed against them.  Mind you, I’m not talking about intent to do my children harm, rather the wrongs of the stronger over the weaker, the wrongs that occur when one thinks and acts out of their own pain and memories rather than with a sensitivity of how one’s behavior affects those in his or her care, in this case, one’s offspring, my offspring.

Third, this is one way to improve my writing skills, to exhibit writing “samples” etc, for prospective employers.  Bleh….  Secretly and selfishly, I really do believe I have something of value to write about.  To be a writer or blogger, one must be narcissistic enough to believe that others will be interested in what s/he has to write.  I fall in that category.  Seems arrogant to me, and in truth, that is an arrogant stance.  Sorta.  I guess.  Anyway, arrogant or not , I want folks to read my blogs.  Family foremost, friends second, future employers….well, maybe. 

Bottom line, I just like to write.  I like the process.  I hate — strong word? yes, but appropriate — getting started.  So I expect that writing this will be a curse and a blessing.  I will write to my heart’s content.  I will share my world view, life experiences, lessons learned or not, trivia, profound thoughts (as I said, one has to be a bit of an arrogant narcissist to do this), and maybe more.  Please respond if you are so inclined.  Make suggestions.  Offer encouragement.  All I ask is that whatever you write, even if you vehemently disagree with me, that you express yourself truthfully but with absolute respect to me and others who might be reading this.  No name calling.  No foul language.  No insults.  Honest opinions expressed with civility.  (could write another blog on the lack of civility in these days and times.)

Looking forward to this process and your responses!

Chana/ Cecelia Rogow-Futch


14 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Cecelia,

    Nice start. Seems like you are going to be a natural at this. Looking forward to reading your future posts. Good luck and happy hunting.

    1. Thanks, Darrell. I really needed to do something with my life besides reside on facebook! I’ve been talking about this for a long time. I hope to rework a lot of my sermons and make them into blogs that are relevant for today, etc. Please feel free to comment or offer suggestions. I feel a little vulnerable with this, but hopefully will be able to use G!d given talents for some good. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. More power to you! Good luck on your new endeavor and we look forward to hearing of all your successes!

    Warmest regards,
    Rabbi Daniel Korobkin

  3. I always loved the way you expressed yourself- I told you a long time ago, I thought you should write a book!

    Hope to see you someday soon!
    Hatzlacha rabbah!

  4. Hatzlacha Rabbah! You’ve been bookmarked and we are waiting for more. Perhaps we will print off the last blog and read it on Shabbat at the table and it will be like you are eating with us! Maybe you can upload of video of your mosquito imitation – that is the best. We also miss Mr. Rogow’s famous “horsey, horsey…”

    1. I had to laugh….I have grandchildren now; a whole new generation to introduce to the infamous mosquito! And Mr. R is already training them for “horsey, horsey…” AND, I have another blog to upload tonight….maybe a little more appropriate for Shabbat. If I don’t hear from y’all before hand, Shabbat shalom.

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