64/365 Photo Challenge 2015

Although the temps were frigid cold, we were able to enjoy a drive though the northern tier of Ohio yesterday. Although flat fields and open spaces do not compare with the grandeur of mountain vistas and wooded scenes, I am always struck with the simple, often stark landscape in this part of the country. I love it. I find it amazing, too, that I am able to get as many shots as I do considering that we are hurtling 70mph toward our destination. Snow covered fields enhanced the views more than usual this time. We got home too late to post yesterday’s photo, but just so you know, the official photo for day 64 in the 365 Photo Challenge 2015 is the sepia toned one above.

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62/365 Photo Challenge 2015


This is the essential oils kit I carry with me every day when I’m meeting with clients. When a client has a particularly rough session, I let them choose a fragrance they like, apply a couple of drops to the unscented hand lotion that I also carry with me, and then massage it into their hands and fore-arms. It always amazes me how quickly one can clear their thoughts and get grounded with just a little bit of aromatherapy. Years ago when I interned at a hospital, my supervisor stressed the importance of doing the “little” nurturing things that helped cultivate trust within our clients so that they felt safe doing the hard work of healing body, mind, and spirit. I never forgot that lesson.