53/365 Photo Challenge 2015


The weather was warm enough today (up into the 20’s!) to go to North Chagrin Reservation. Walking the paths, breathing the fresh air, watching flakes dance in the air all made for a wonderful outing. To top it off, I came upon these snow people situated in a stand of evergreens. Perfect!

48/365 Photo Challenge 2015


Spring fever! This is my gardening hat. It’s been hanging on this door since last gardening clean-up in late fall. I am anxiously awaiting the day I can don this beautiful straw head gear and head out once again to dig in the dirt, plant the seed, and bask in the sun! Presently we have mountains of snow outside — literally — so dreaming of spring-time reminds me that the snow is only for a season. Spring will follow.

45/365 Photo Challenge 2015


Making my own cleaning solution! I fill a jar with white vinegar leaving enough room at the top to add citrus rinds. As we eat the fruit (oranges/grapefruit/lemons/etc.) we drop the rinds into the vinegar. I let the mixture “stew” for 2 to 3 weeks and then strain the liquid into a spray bottle. I use this to clean the bathroom (yes, even soap scum off the tub), kitchen, wherever I formerly used chemical cleansers. This solution is easy to make, easy on the environment, easy on the senses (hands, no chemical smells, etc.), and leaves the place sparkling clean. I highly recommend this. (BTW, after straining the liquid, refrigerate the rinds in a covered container for a couple more days. When a cleaning task requires more “elbow grease,” use the rind to “scrub” the surface. No grit, no scratching!)  Enjoy! and let me know what you think if you try this. :-)